Nicki Minajs Nail Lacquer

Nicki Minajs Nail Lacquers!With the O.P.I company she made a gorgeous collection!I Insert some pics just to show u her amazing work!ImageImageImage


Learn to Combine Designs and Colours! (LTCDAC)

OK NOW Learning to combine designs and colours:
1.Brown jeans a dark green T-shirt and a army jacket
2.Purple and white Stripes Example:Purple and white Stripes Jeans:U could use a black T-shirt but a blue one could be good to!Important it must be a dark blue!
3.Blue T-shirt with grey Stars  Use grey jeans.Original could be a bit stupid but we dont want you to look stupid!So grey are the best for that shirt.



Ok cuz I know you all go shopping I decided to make a shopping tutorial.I was shopping today with Santana.Ok here is the list what you need:
1.Some friends
2.Look at your warderobe to see what you need
3.Look at the size of your shoes T-shirts and jeans
Ok now how to shop:
1.Look at the shop.The first thing look at the manni’s to see whats In.
2.Go around and look carefull for what you need.
3.After you saw the shop go and try out the things you like and they are in your size.
4.Ask for the friends comment.But If she/he doesent like it you dont need to be sad.IF YOU LIKE IT,THEN BUY IT!!

Thats it guys hope I help you ^^